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We know everyone is getting tired of the snow here on Delmarva but, did you know that heavy snow during the winter is actually good for your lawn?

Sean Streicher talks with Ricky Williams, CEO of R&L Irrigation Services in Seaford, Del. about the proper time to start lawn care.

Ricky says anytime it rains or snows, nitrogen is released in the atmosphere. Nitrogen is the chemical compound that makes our grass green. Therefore, after a heavy snow, and then a few bright, sunny days, the grass will be even more green in the warmer months to come.

The company knows exactly what needs to be done to your lawn because of the soil sample they get around this time of year. They want to be sure to have the correct pH and fertilizer for your own personal lawn. The experts at R&L Irrigation know how much to apply and when it needs to be applied to best suit your lawn.

R&L Irrigation prepares their equipment in the winter and they suggest you do the same with your mowers and other lawn care equipment during this time. That way, when it’s time to start cutting the grass, your equipment is up to par.

Also, another tip for you, spring is the best time to put an irrigation system in your yard so that when the summer months hit, the system will be ready to go to take care of your lawn.

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