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Acidity Levels in Chesapeake Bay Threatening Marine Life, Scientists Say

Posted: 10/10/2017 16:56:00 -04:00 Updated:

CAMBRIDGE, Md. - In a new study, scientists say acidity levels in the Chesapeake Bay's waters are threatening marine life.

"It is an area of concern that we need to be focusing on as we try to restore the Chesapeake Bay," said Dave Nemazie, a marine scientist at Horn Point Laboratory.

Nemazie says waters like the Chesapeake Bay abosrb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. In turn, that increases the acidity of the water, making it harder for oysters and clams to grow shells and stay alive.

It's just another challenge to efforts already made to cleaning the Bay.

"While it's a challenge, the impacts may take a while," Nemazie said.

Nemazie says the effects of more acidic waters may take decades to appear but is still a little concerning.

Watermen like Mary Todd say it's not a big deal.

"They should just let Mother Nature take its course because you can't mess with Mother Nature," Todd said.

Todd says oystering may be harder for her this year thanks in part to acidic waters but she's seen it before.

"They're going to be short again this year, we've already known beause last year it was bad," Todd said.

She and other watermen say they're hopeful the oysters will bounce back.

Scientists like Nemazie are hopeful too but say they shouldn't just rely on Mother Nature.

"I think we need to have a concerted effort about reducing or greenhouse gases," Nemazie said.

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