Delaware Electric Cooperative  Trimming Trees   February 24  2015   YouTube

With all of the inclement weather the Delmarva region has been receiving, most of the attention is on keeping roads clear of snow and ice. But another problem that isn’t covered as extensively is the danger of downed trees that can knock down power lines.

When trees near power lines are destroyed in a storm, tree trimming crews arrive on the scene to clean up the mess. These kinds of accidents are tended to by the crews who trim trees with long and invasive branches everyday. They recycle branches from these trees on a daily basis, greatly reducing the chances that a tree could fall on a power line.

These preventative measures make sure citizens don’t lose their power during a storm due to down trees that damage power lines. Tree trimming helps secure reliability of power and avoid costly repairs that would be necessary if a power line were to be destroyed.

Delaware Electric Cooperative says that citizens can aid in the effort to keep Delmarva’s power lines upright by not planting trees within 15 feet of power lines, and keeping larger trees at least 40 feet away. Citizens are asked to be weary not of how large the tree will be in its first few years, but when it is fully grown, as it is easy to underestimate how big they will get.