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We're showing off the snapshot of a lifetime that photographer Kevin Beauchamp took during a severe storm of lightning hitting a double rainbow. 
Grab your team and your paddles, we've got all the details for the first annual Pocomoke River Raft Race
We help honor Talbot County's own Frederick Douglass and learning how his ancestors are carrying on his legacy. 
If you're considering putting in a pool, or maybe just need your current one serviced, look no further than The Pool Doctor
You can help save lives simply by giving blood, so we're with the Blood Bank of Delmarva and Coast Country Cares hearing about their latest event. 
TidalHealth is working to raise money for a mobile mammography vehicle to serve the community, and we'll find out why.

When we're craving a creamy, mayonnaise-based coleslaw Mr. Food makes a Country Coleslaw recipe. It's an easy coleslaw recipe that the whole gang'll love!

List of Fireworks Locations: https://www.wboc.com/news/delmarva-independence-day-firework-celebrations-2024/article_3ab3a174-333c-11ef-a24a-23399fbee5a4.html 

Join us for DelmarvaLife, today at five. 

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