Today on DelmarvaLife:


We have a special introduction to make today, we are excited for everyone to meet the newest member of our DelmarvaLife family, say hello to Sydney! Sydney joins us ready to hit the ground running and is excited to meet and hear the stories of all the incredible people from right here on the Peninsula. Hear her full story and see some of her first stories as she begins her journey here on Delmarva!

Remember when you were a kid and went for long drives with family, all across the winding roads that cover Delmarva? It was those beautiful memories that inspired owner Priscilla Timken to start the ‘Chesapeake Tours & Promotions Program’ based out of Salisbury, Maryland. She loves taking everyone from visitors to locals all around the Peninsula to see some of the most historical and influential sites across the Eastern Shore, including the Harriet Tubman National Park Visitors Center. Hear her full story, as well as how you can get aboard one of these great tours, on DelmarvaLife at five.

One thing you may see a lot of on the tour is solar panels. For an array of reason solar has taken off on the Eastern Shore, including a large boom with farmers. We meet up with a local farmer, Trey Hills, to hear why he decided to make the investment to transform part of his family farm into a solar farm. When he finally made the decision, he turned to ‘Sunrise Solar‘ to not only install the panels, but also to teach him how he can both help the environment he works off, and how he can save money that he earns. Learn more about how solar can help you on a small or large scale, today at five.

It’s time to talk about the adorable faces, sweet meows and wagging tails that you could see one day running around your farm or home! It’s Friday, and that means another fresh round of furry friends in “Pet Connect”. See which cats and dogs are up for adoption and how you can help give them a forever family.




What goes perfectly with a full show? How about a full plate? To fill our plates and bellies, we’ve invited Chef Colby Hill from ‘Longboard Cafe’ in Ocean City into the DelmarvaLife kitchen. He whips up a delicious plate of ‘Jumbo Garlic Shrimp with Lime & Madeira’. Yum! See which kitchen trick he taught Jimmy and how you can get a hold of this delicious recipe, today at five.


Finally, what’s dinner without a show? Singer Neal Hook is making his Mid-South Audio Stage debut and we are so excited to have him here to rock us into our weekend! Hear his guitar skills and smooth singing voice tonight on DelmarvaLife.