Port of Salisbury

Officials in Salisbury are hoping the Port of Salisbury can pick up some slack with the Port of Baltimore closed off to shipping traffic. 

SALISBURY, Md. -- The expectation among local officials is the Port of Baltimore will be closed off to shipping traffic for at least a few months. So the hope in Salisbury is their port can help pick up some of the slack. 

From cars, to farms, to restaurants, the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsing will put a strain on much of the Delmarva economy. Ships are not expected to be moving in or out of the Port of Baltimore for the foreseeable future. 

Bill Chamber, Executive Director of the Salisbury Chamber of Commerce said it could open the door for the Port of Salisbury. 

"It's our hope the Salisbury Port can come in handy and relieve some of this and keep that traffic in Maryland, that there's an opportunity for the Port of Salisbury to be able to do that and step up," said Chambers, citing a budget shortfall Maryland is facing. 

Danny Ervin, a finance professor at Salisbury University, said it may not be that easy though. 

"The size difference between the Port of Baltimore and the Port of Salisbury is just incredible," said Ervin. "We just don't have the ability to move cargo like they do in Baltimore." 

The Port of Baltimore is also one of the few ports in the United States that imports Mercedes Benz. Ervin said local dealerships could feel the squeeze as cars are sent somewhere else. 

"Obviously they're going to have to go to New York or New Jersey or Virginia and someplace else and Philadelphia," said Ervin. "It will happen, but it's not going to happen overnight." 

Looking outside of the automotive industry, Chambers said this horrific accident will be felt across the board. 

"As long as the channel is closed and the port is not fully operational it's going to have a ripple effect on industries throughout the state," said Chambers. 

A tragedy in Baltimore could cause a domino effect that reaches Delmarva.