Wicomico park

SALISBURY, Md. - Residents of Wicomico County will soon be permitted to carry concealed firearms in county parks, following a decision by the County Council to establish these areas as Second Amendment sanctuaries.

The council's move, which passed with a 5-1 vote, revises park regulations that previously restricted firearms to law enforcement personnel only. This change was initiated during updates to park policies earlier this year, prompted in part by concerns raised by council members.

John Ebert, a frequent visitor to Harmon Field in Salisbury, voiced strong opposition to the decision during a recent council meeting.

"It just seems irresponsible and unconscionable that we are going to allow firearms in our public parks," Ebert said. "They're supposed to be a place of relaxation, families, people just enjoying themselves. For me, the knowledge that some person unknown to me is carrying a weapon really makes me not want to go to those parks."

Council members emphasized that the new regulations are intended to accommodate legal and responsible gun owners who could potentially thwart criminal activity in public spaces.

"I have to call an attorney to defend myself," said Councilman James Winn, a Republican. "I'm not trying to give a criminal another edge to the sword, I'm saying let's remove this piece so when somebody goes to court for defending themselves and their children at a park that a lawyer can't say it says right here in Wicomico County code that its illegal for you to carry a firearm."

The updated regulations specify that while concealed carry will be permitted, the discharge of firearms on park property remains strictly prohibited except as allowed under state law.

Alongside the firearms amendment, the council also enacted other changes to recreation and parks regulations, including a prohibition on marijuana use in Wicomico County parks.

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