Shorebirds Kick Off Second Half On Thursday

SALISBURY, Md. - A chilly season opener for the Delmarva Shorebirds on Thursday night proved successful as the team won 2-0 against the Asheville Tourists.

Fans filled the stands for the opening night game, despite the cold weather.  Families bundled up in blankets and scarves to get a peek at what spring baseball has in store for the Eastern Shore minor league team. 

"Definitely chilly, got gloves and a hat on, but it looks like a good turn out so I don't think it's bothering people," Fan Tyler Harwood said. 

People like Ernie Dennison, of Delmar, Maryland, say they're excited to see Orioles legend Cal Ripken Jr.'s son Ryan play for the Shorebirds this season.  Ripken, Shorebirds first baseman, went three for three with one RBI.  Dennison says he always sits in the same spot to make sure he has the best chance at a foul ball. 

"Cause we sit right next to the field that's here so if a whole bunch of foul balls get hit over there, I have the shortest route to get into the gate," Dennison said. 

Fans were able to scout out not only the new team of players, but also new manager Buck Britton, who replaced Ryan Minor.  Minor moving on to the Frederick Keys. 

"It's exciting, you know I've got the same jitters I guess as I would as a player, a lot of excitement and I'm ready to get this phase of my career going," Britton said. 

The Shorebirds will continue their series with the Tourists on Friday night in Salisbury. 

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