Seaford Afram Fest

SEAFORD, De. - The Eastern Shore Afram Festival marked its 26th year in Seaford this weekend.

The event took place at the Ross Station Event Center for the first time this year, featuring vendors, singers, dancers and food.

Attendees say it is a great opportunity to share their culture with others.

"Like this is actually my first knowing that Seaford Delaware hosts one so it's, it's amazing and 26 years that's awesome, it's really awesome," said Taven Parker, who visited the Festival for the first time.

Erica Coverdale has been coming to the festival since she was a kid.

"And it's a good event that's been put on since I was little, and you can meet a lot of new people and see people you haven't seen in like years," she said.

The event wrapped up at 6 p.m. in Seaford.

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