Elliott Island Wooden Jetty


ELLIOTT ISLAND, MD - Dorchester County is set to receive state funding to bolster the protection of its shoreline. Plans include repairing parts of the Elliot Island Marina and replacing the aging wooden jetty with a more durable stone structure.

The Dorchester County Council recently announced they secured enough funds to construct a new jetty, addressing concerns raised by local watermen about the deteriorating state of the current wooden structure.

"You can look over there now and see the boards where they fell off and floated back on top of it, and there's a lot of boards up here in the marsh up and down, several. Every once in a while, we'll pick one up in the creek so nobody hits it with their boat," said waterman Wilie Abbott.

According to crabber Tucker Edwards, "Sections of it are falling apart, and obviously, you can see the waves are rolling right through it right now."

Councilman Rob Kramer emphasized the necessity of the replacement, stating, "Wood rots, you know, over time Mother Nature is going to take its toll on stuff. Stone is a lot more durable, a lot more economic, obviously. And you know, it's a lot more environmentally friendly."

The decision to replace the wooden jetty with stone has garnered support from locals, who believe it will provide better protection for the marina.

"It's a good thing. It protects the boat because everybody pays slip rent. And if they put that wall in, they just want to keep in mind they want to go down a little farther than what they are now because it's washed through into the creek a few hundred feet behind us, so they'll have to go in with a little more stone this time," added Abbott.

Further details on funding and the timeline for construction will be discussed during the Dorchester County Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday Evening.

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