2019 Midnight Muskrat Dive

2019 Midnight Muskrat Dive 

SALISBURY, Md. - As some towns gear up for New Years Eve celebrations, others are shutting theirs down. Salisbury and Princess Anne are two towns preparing for in person New Years Eve celebrations Friday. Both those towns did not host any events last year. Salisbury Arts and Entertainment Executive Director Jamie Heater says anywhere from 500 to 1500 people are expected Friday, but knows that number will be impacted by the recent COVID surge. 

“We do know the recent spike might affect attendance. We ask people to use their best judgment and wear a mask if you would like, but we are still going to have the event. It is an open air environment and our proximity to the water always ensures a very nice breeze downtown,” Heater said. 

In downtown Princess Anne the New Years Eve Midnight Muskrat Dive is back. Main Street manager Carrie Samis says the event will be live streamed and shortened to two hours to try and keep people safe. 

“We thought long and hard about it and we did a strictly virtual event last year but this year we decided to do a hybrid event essentially so people can still tune in virtually from the comfort and safety of their own home, but if they would like to gather we figured this was a pretty safe New Years Eve option,” Samis said. 

But not every town will be ringing in the new year with in person celebrations. Citing a nearly 7 percent jump in Worcester County's positivity rate Berlin has canceled all town sponsored New Years Eve activity. The town did post local bars that are open late. A return to normalcy for some while others will have to wait until next year. Both the Salisbury and Princess Anne events will have face masks and hand sanitizer available. Event organizers also say there will be plenty of room to social distance.