Site of the former "Globe" building in Laurel

A deep hole is all that remains at the site of the former "Globe" building. (Photo: WBOC News)

LAUREL, Del. -- A new building could eventually replace the historic "Globe" building that was destroyed in massive fire in Downtown Laurel. 

A three-alarm fire gutted building in January. The remaining bricks were torn down just hours after the fire was extinguished. The Delaware State Fire Marshal says there are still no leads in the fire's investigation. 

Crews began clearing debris at the site this week. Property owner George Sakellis declined to be on camera, but shared his plans for the site. He plans to rebuild and replicate the three story building with retail on the first level and apartments on the second and third floors.

Kim Littleton of A&K Bait Shop says Sakellis' plan for retail is a hopeful sign.

"We certainly need more businesses, that's for sure," says Littleton. "That makes the taxes maybe a little less on the people that live in town, so hopefully that'll work too. But it would be nice to have the businesses that were there back."

Gail Bruce, director of the Laurel Public Library, says that regardless of what the future building becomes, it will be an asset to the community. 

"It's a benefit to the whole town for all the businesses that are, non-profits, and anybody who's here," says Bruce. "It's going to be a positive for anybody who comes here. 

Sakellis did not say when construction on the new building will begin but he hopes his plan will help rebuild downtown and create more housing. 

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