Salisbury National Night Out 2023

SALISBURY, Md. - A 34-year-old Salisbury man was shot and killed at the Pemberton Manor Apartments on Monday evening.

That shooting served as the somber backdrop for Tuesday evening's National Night Out in Salisbury City Park.

Monday night's murder was the third this year in Wicomico County, according to the State's Attorney's Office.

Salisbury City Councilwoman April Jackson says something needs to be done. She expressed her frustration in a more than hour long Facebook Live.

"I'm really upset, I'm really heartbroken to see that our kids, our young people are killing one another. Gun violence, it has to stop," she said.

At National Night Out, the focus is building relationships between police and the community.

Salisbury Police Sergeant Thomas Hitty says those relationships and indispensable.

"It comes in and re-enforces the fact that our law enforcement is here into our community and we're here to support them. So we want to make sure that the community knows that we're out here every day and making sure that they're able to live in this community and are safe," he said.

Jackson says she knew the victim in Monday night's murder. She lives across the street and says she heard roughly 25 gun shots.

Jackson says police and community relationships like National Night Out are crucial.

"We need to connect more than just that one day. If we could I would like to have a National Night Out every single week. Have some sort of event every week for our community to come together," she said.

National Night Out took place from 5 to 8 p.m. in Salisbury.

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