State Sen. Eric Buckson (R-Dover) was elected to represent the 16th Senate district after serving nearly four terms on the Kent County Levy Court. (Photo: WBOC) 

DOVER, Del.- State Sen. Eric Buckson (R-Dover) expressed concerns that the term "Lower, Slower Delaware" has taken on a new meaning: lower funding and fewer resources.

Sen. Buckson posted a video on Facebook suggesting that Southern Delaware secede from the North. He said it was all in good fun, although the post sparked some debate.

After serving on the Kent County Levy Court, Sen. Buckson transitioned to the legislature with hopes of having a more influential role.

He believes Southern Delaware is often neglected by the state, with New Castle County lawmakers having more say in the General Assembly.

"We don't get the same attention, whether it's programs, funding for infrastructure, or other similar situations," he said. 

Kent County locals, like Michael Fleming, think the idea of dividing Delaware is "a little bit insane."

He believes that money follows development.

"I believe we will get better equality so to speak if the Lower starts developing a little more," said Fleming.

Others worry that talk of secession from a state official might send a negative message.

"As a representative of the government, I think that's very immature to be doing," said Eric DiGirolomo of Dover.

Wesley Hurely, who lives in Frederica, shared his thoughts: "it's their job to fix the stuff that they are complaining about."

Sen. Buckson said this was the first step in trying to bridge the gap.

"You have to provoke a conversation to draw some attention so that you improve your situation, and that's what we are hoping to do with that kind of a video to start this kind of an interview that says 'we matter,'" he said.

Divided opinions on the state's attention to its lower, slower region.