raised water pipes

Multiple roads throughout The Greens at Wyoming are littered with potholes, manholes, and raised water pipes. (Photo: WBOC) 

KENT COUNTY, Del.- Pipes, potholes, and unfinished roads are becoming a nightmare for those living at The Greens in Wyoming. Neighbors think it's time something is done about the ongoing problem. 

Multiple roads throughout the Greens community are covered in potholes, raised manholes and raised water pipes. Some parts are blocked off by traffic cones as the imperfect roads can cause damage to cars. 

The developer of the community who is responsible for paving roads after construction, have failed to finish the job. 

Kristen Lackey has lived in the community for about a year. She says the roads are a major inconvenience.

"It's pretty much impossible to avoid a pothole getting in and out of the neighborhood," said Lackey. "We have already suffered one flat tire." 

Wyoming Mayor, Steve Bilbrough, said there is only so much the town can do. 

"I would love to be able to say that we can come in and do these streets but unfortunately it's the developers responsibility," said Bilbrough. "They don't want to carry out their end of the bargain. They've came in they've built their homes they've made their money and now they don't want to finish. 

Mayor Bilbrough also mentioned that if the roads are not paved in the near future, the town will be forced to revoke bids from the original developer and hire a separate contractor to get the job done. 

Neighbors worry that if the roads are not paved by this winter, it will be impossible for the town to plow roads in the community. 

Multiple attempts to contact the developer have been unsuccessful.