Millsboro Man Turns $50 Lottery Winnings into $10,000

DOVER, Del. - A man born and raised in Millsboro has won the lottery after reinvesting his winnings from one instant game into the purchase of another ticket.

According to the Delaware Lottery, 61-year-old George Niblett went to his hometown store of Bodie's Market in Millsboro on Saturday morning to buy a $10 instant game and his usual PLAY 3 and PLAY 4 day tickets. He won $50 on the instant game ticket and used some of it to buy a $25 instant game ticket. To his surprise, he ended up winning $10,000 in the instant game "$250,000 Cash," according to the lottery.

“The guys at the store tell me I’m pretty lucky,” said Niblett, who is married with three sons and five grandchildren. “I got the ticket and went back out to my truck and stared at it for 10 minutes in pure shock.” It is his largest win to date.

“When I got home from the store, I immediately woke up my wife,” he said. “Of course she didn’t believe me at first, but once she realized it was real, she started making her dream wish list.”

Niblett says he plans to use the money to pay off a few bills, then put the rest into savings. The day he won was his granddaughter's birthday, so Niblett got her something extra special with the prize money.

Niblett says he has been playing his late father’s favorite numbers and the last four digits of his home phone number in the PLAY 3 and PLAY 4 games for 10 years.

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