Snow Hill High School

SNOW HILL, MD - Snow Hill High School has issued a statement following a physical confrontation after a basketball game last night.

According to the high school, the Snow Hill vs. Stephen Decatur High School basketball game on January 18th ended with a physical altercation among some of the game’s spectators. The altercation was unrelated to the athletic contest, the School says, but blocked the exit as attendees were trying to leave. Law enforcement quickly resolved the situation, according to the High School.

Snow Hill says they are actively working with the Worcester County Sheriff’s Office to identify everyone involved with the fight and take appropriate action. 

“In Snow Hill, we value and expect sportsmanship not only from our student athletes, but from everyone in attendance at these competitions,” Snow Hill High School said in a statement. “We extend our gratitude to the fans and community members who came out to support our team. Rest assured, we remain committed to fostering a safer environment during our athletic events, from the beginning to the final whistle.”