The Firefly Music Festival begins Thursday, Sept. 22 in The Woodlands of Dover International Speedway. (Photo: WBOC) 

DOVER, Del.- The Firefly Music Festival kicks off Thursday night in the Woodlands of Dover International Speedway and city officials are prepared for an action packed weekend. 

Dover has hosted the Firefly Festival for the past 10 years.

Before the event was cancelled due to the pandemic in 2020, it was always held in either June or July. Last year, organizers moved the festival to September and plan to keep it that way. 

The Firefly Festival is a four day event, and many guests will be camping out in the Woodlands all weekend. 

Firefly will bring over forty thousand visitors to Dover, but Delaware Department of Transportation officials say local residents should not worry about overcrowding. 

"Having done this now for a decade, we've got a pretty good playbook," said C.R. McLeod of DelDOT. 

Dover Mayor, Robin Christiansen, said the festival will boost the economy and bring life to Dover. 

According to the Dover Police Department and DelDOT, the busiest traffic days will likely be Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.