Sign at Constructions Start

Road Closed Sign on South Bedford Street

GEORGETOWN, DE -- A new roundabout connecting South Bedford Street and Arrow Safety Road has started in Georgetown.

The construction has blocked traffic between Park Avenue and Zoar Road on South Bedford street. Vehicles are forced to make a 3-5 minute detour around the work area. Trucks and Cars will have separate, potentially changing, detour routes. 

The construction is set to be completed by September 5th, weather permitting.

Driver David Hitchens, from Milford, says the long term goal is worth the commuting traffic.

“Price of progress, I think it’s gonna be a big asset to the truck route and sometimes you have to do what you have to do, people get very upset. They don’t mean to inconvenience you but it’ll be a better thing in the end.”

The new roundabout will be the third within 3 miles of each other in Georgetown, with the goal of balancing traffic currently merging in from Arrow Safety Road. 

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