Jefferson Main Street Camera Berlin

Camera view of Jefferson and Main Street, Courtesy of the Berlin Police Department

BERLIN, Md. - The Berlin Police Department has launched new security cameras throughout Berlin, bringing additional safety measures to the downtown area. 

Ten cameras are now operational and keeping an eye on the streets. Police Chief Downing says the cameras operate through a closed circuit system. 

The security cameras were approved by the Berlin Town Council towards the end of last year in the hopes they would increase safety and help deter crime. A $76,300 Safety Community Grant secured by the town last year, was used to pay for them.

Chief Downing said the cameras can be moved and adjusted as needed but are currently operational at the following ten locations:

1, Jefferson and Gray Streets

2. Broad Street

3. Jefferson & Main Intersection (Photo #1)

4. Town Hall Bathroom - William Street

5. Commerce Street

6. S. Main Street (Close Buckingham Presbyterian Church)

7. William Street Parking

8. Pitts Street Parking

9. N. Main Street Parking

10. Parking Lot behind 100 block of N Main (Sister's)

Cameras had also previously been installed at Henry Park, 500 block of Bay Street and Decatur Streets, according to Chief Downing.