Tiki Bar

The bayside beach section of Saltwater 75. The posts still standing in the sand were meant to be a part of the larger service facility. But complaints led to a change in direction for the plans. 

OCEAN CITY, Md. -- Worries over possible noise and unapproved changes ruffled some feathers among neighbors in Ocean City. The biggest concern seemed to be about the addition of a large service facility to the outdoor section of Saltwater 75. 

Joe Moore, the attorney representing the owners of Saltwater 75, said while the town did approve the changes, the Worcester County Board of License Commissioners did not. 

"The error that was made was we did not believe that it was harmful in any way so my clients began construction of the bar," said Moore. "The neighbors complained to the BLC attorney and the chairman responded and advised me that the bar should be removed."

The bar has been taken down, and the original plans for a 12-person bar closer to the building have been resumed. Moore said the idea for the larger facility was to give servers an easier work day by not having them walk up and down steps while making their way in or out of the restaurant. 

An outdoor service facility would allow them to stay outside. It was also to make room for a possible handicap ramp leading out onto the outdoor beach section, but the ramp will now go out of the side of the building onto 75th street. 

Addressing concerns over noise, Moore said the BLC gave the restaurant strict regulations for outdoor entertainment and seating. 

"The board in responding to those concerns basically said two things, that we needed to stop any outdoor entertainment on our beach at 8:00 at night and to not seat anyone for service on the beach after 10:00 p.m.," said Moore. 

The change in direction seemed to have worked. Michael Morris, who lives on 74th street right across from Saltwater 75, said he believes it will help. But, he also thinks some concern among his neighbors could remain.  

"I think that because this is a resort area, I think most people would be okay with that but I think a few people might not be," said Morris. 

These altered tiki bar designs did not go over well for some in this part of town, so a reversal in plans seems to have let cooler heads prevail.