Flooding Relief Could Come To Crisfield

Current Tide Gate in Crisfield, Md.

CRISFIELD, Md. - The City has funding to install 11 tide gates and two storm water pumping stations. 

Flooding can be a big problem in the Crisfield. Neighbors say flooding has gotten so bad that it's gone over their porch and inches from reaching the inside of their home.

The answer to this flooding may be more tide gates and storm water pumping stations. Crisfield leaders are turning to the federal emergency management agency (FEMA) for help. Funding will be over $1.4 Million with FEMA funding $1,379,474 and the Maryland Department of the Environment funding $92,274.

Tide gates work almost has a trap. When closed, the hinged door prevents tidal waters from moving upland. It controls the flow of water.

The tide gates and pumping systems would be placed around the neighborhoods or 'target areas.' The streets are: Lorie Quinn Drive, Wynfall Ave., Tawes Drive, 7th St., Woodsen School, Somerset Ave extended, Village Drive, Charlotte Ave., Broad St. (Lumber), Broad St. and 9th St., and Broad St. (West).

Chris Byrd lives on Wynfall Ave. and believes the project will benefit the community. He says, "Flooding is actually terrible around here. When it rains it pours and floodgates would help around here."

Joe Hall says his Tawes Drive home is a problem area. He says, "We've had water here on the deck and just about going into the house." But he does not see the tide gates working. "Water comes up everywhere. it's not like you can put a gate there and stop the water. The water comes up from the land because the land is low," says Hall.

The Mayor of Crisfield, Darlene Taylor, knows flooding is a problem and says this project will help with getting it out.

Taylors says, "We can't stop the water as much from coming in. But once the water comes in, the tide gates and the storm water pumping stations will be instrumental in helping us get the water out in a much quicker time. That's really what we're looking at right now. Which is, how do we address the nuisance, flooding issues and reduce the impact."

A possible solution to a long-time problem.