PRMC, McCready Hospitals Transition Plan for a New Freestanding Medical Facility

CRISFIELD, Md.- The decision to merge McCready Health and Peninsula Regional Health System is in full swing.  Hospital officials are holding a public meeting tonight to discuss the future for healthcare on Delmarva.  The meeting is set to address the conversion of McCready hospital to a freestanding medical service.

Paul Riggins has lived in Crisfield for 70 years and he is excited about the hospital merger.

"I feel like this merger is a wonderful, wonderful thing," Riggins said. That's because last year he broke his ankle.

Riggins says McCready could not finish his treatment due to lack of resources. He says the merger would of been helpful back then. 

 "It brings all the technology from the peninsula and all the expertise and all of the everything they have here to us" Riggins said.

With this new expansion McCready officials says it will be fully staffed and offer services 24/7. By the end of 2019, McCready officials say this hospital will be transformed into a free-standing medical facility. This will provide patients in Somerset County and the Eastern Shore with the care they need. 

Carol Sturgis, a Crisfield resident, says his wife and he are hopeful for this expansion. 

"By getting grants for people who need help you know for people on bigger operations and bigger things, I think it will help our community" Sturgis said.

The merger is broken down into two phases. Starting with phase 1 changes will be made to this hospital, while a state of the art facility is being built nearby. And in phase two, both freestanding medical facilities will come together in the new location. 

Susan Phoebus was taken to McCready for a heart attack and 4 bypasses this past year. She has mixed emotions on the change, but is looking forward for the future of healthcare in Crisfield.

"Like most Crisfielders I am sad that we have to lose some of our status and taking care of people. But on the other hand Crisfield is a small community, we have been lucky to have this hospital. 

As Riggins walks to get his groceries, he is glad he will get any future medical care in Crisfield. 

The construction of the new facility is set to be finished in mid-2021.

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