DOVER, Del.- Neighbors are making their voices heard in a push for increased road safety. 

Positioned just off the bustling South State Street, some in the Fairfield Farms community are advocating for the installation of a traffic light at the North Old Mill Road intersection.

Armed with determination and a bull horn, a neighborhood trio is on a mission to bring attention to the urgency of their request.

Karen Konowitz, one of the advocates, made signs to put along the road and said, "We are excited to make this change in our community because it is life or death."

Konowitz said turning onto South State Street from the neighborhood is a daily danger, and that a mere stop sign is insufficient. 

Roger Hollopeter, another concerned neighbor, highlights the combination of a concrete bridge, large trees and poor driving habits contributing to hazardous conditions at the intersection. 

"Some people use their turn signal, others don't," he said. "This has been going on for years." 

In their efforts to garner support, Konowitz and her husband Herb, along with Hollopeter, are actively canvassing the neighborhood, knocking on doors, and rallying fellow community members to attend a crucial town meeting. The event, organized by State Rep. Lyndon Yearick (R-Magnolia), is set for tomorrow night at the Caesar Rodney High School Auditorium from 6-8 p.m.

Karen Konowitz stresses the need for a substantial presence at the meeting, saying, "They told us if we can bring out 60-80 people, then everybody  will know what we are really talking about."

As traffic on South State Street escalates, the groups highlights the escalating difficulty of negotiating the turn at the intersection. 

The upcoming meeting addresses traffic concerns in general, welcoming anyone in the area to attend.

Dover neighbors determined to get a green light for a stoplight. 

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