Suspect Arrested after Shots Fired in Crisfield

Jaamal Taylor

CRISFIELD, Md.- Crisfield Police responded to a shots fired incident in the area of 2nd Street & Broadway on Friday.

Police say a suspect shot at a man riding a bicycle, but missed. After speaking with witnesses officers were able to identify the man who was shot at and tracked him to his home.

The shooter was later identified as Jaamal Taylor, but no motive could be established. Taylor turned himself in to the Crisfield Police later that night.


Taylor is facing several charges including assault 1st-degree (2 counts), assault 2nd-degree (2 counts), reckless endangerment (2 counts), firearm us in a felony violent crime (2 counts), attempted 1st-degree murder, attempted 2nd- degree murder, handgun on a person, dangerous weapon conceal, dangerous weapon with intent to  injure, and regulated firearm illegal possession.

Police say Because of past convictions, Taylor was not supposed to be carrying a gun. Police say Taylor has an extensive Criminal History to include burglary, assaults, malicious destruction of property, cds possession with intent to distribute, cds possession, deadly weapon, possession of a  firearm and ammunition by a minor, handgun on a person, concealed deadly weapon.

Taylor is currently residing in the Somerset County Detention Center without bond.


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